Babydoll Satin Ruched Dress (Periwinkle)

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 The Babydoll Satin Dress is chic yet sexy. Having a ruched satin detail in the center of the dress and lace detail on the ends.

88% Polyester

12% Spandex

Baby doll satin stretch dress with back zipper

Customer Reviews

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Jadalyn Manela
The dress that made me fall in love with dresses

Okay but the color and design of this dress absolutely made me fall in love with it when I came across it on Instagram and I immediately went to the website to buy this dress. Although when I did buy the dress with my order I was worried it wouldn't fit since the only size they had at the time was a medium (I typically fit dresses in the small size) so on impulse I just got it in that size and once I did receive my order the dress fit me pretty well so when it comes to sizing I feel as though this dress may be on the more tight fitting side. I will say this dress seems to be designed more for people with bigger chests but either way it still looks fairly cute on me despite the fact I have a small chest.

Rasami Sysay
It’s cute!

It’s really cute and it fits well. It’s comfortable too! Though it’s probably nicer with bigger boobs.

Sarah Yang
Really nice

It’s really comfortable and fits in every right places, I just wish that the chest part could be a little bigger, but overall it’s really cute.

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